Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dipping my toe back in....

I'm not going to be IGNORED, Dan!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Insanity, Like Whoa

Ssssoooooooooo, through a series of random and unplanned events, my silly little Elfin magic garnered 5,892 Facebook likes in about 9 hours.

Say what?

That is FIVE THOUSAND eight hundred and NINETY TWoooooooooooo.

That is beyond amazing, crazy, disturbing, weird, and frankly, terrifying!!

I got over 300 friend requests on my PERSONAL Facebook page. What?  I got many delightful and fun messages, yay!  I also got quite a few very er...unsavory messages. On my PERSONAL page.  Really?  Just.  I can't. No.

This isn't the level attention I was ever seeking - nor the level of attention I feel comfortable with for myself or my children.  I haven't blogged in a flingity flanging year, people! (an exact year, heh).  Did I mention I hated BlogHer because it overwhelmed me? I did.

This. Too much. I can't. No.

 I am up in the middle of the night in a panic flop sweat because yo, I wasn't really planning on DOING any naughty Elfies this year because I have two small children and I am tired and old, and doing the wrapping and the Christmas and the festive and the advent and the parties, and the WRAPPING (oh lawdy, the wrapping) and maybe some sleeping in there too? That seemed like plenty. And now I feel PRESSURE to do Elfies so that 5,892 people will be happy.  Only I don't want anyone to be happy except my kidlets on Christmas and barely paid any attention to my kidlets all day today because I was so busy sweating and watching Facebook.

Mom fail.

And the reality is - those Elfie pictures were just for fun - to make my friends laugh. But if I am all hivey and self conscious and hivey trying to make 5,903 (it just keeps going up holy crap) people laugh - they likely aren't going to be funny. I mean - my mind = blank.  All I could think of to do next in my panic brain was 2 Elves 1 cup. And then my mother in law might Google 2 Elves 1 cup and then all KINDS of weird shit will go down.

So, I'm shuttin' her down!  Pullin' the plug! Stopping the madness! Well, not totally - because oops, it is already out there, and oh Heyyyyy now, here is my blog I kind of didn't want to do anymore - how ya doing, BOING!

So. Here are the 17 Elfie pics. I am unbelievably flattered and tickled that so many people loved them!  They are kind of awesome. Heh.
Maybe if the mood hits, I might do some more! Maybe. I might even blog. Who knows.
I will post anything else here. 'Cause that Facebook page is getting the ax-ola asap. Because - hives.

 private dancer

human barbiepede

you lying ol' dirty birdy

I had a dream I danced the Black Swan

I wish I knew how to quit you.

dime bag

 o.d. elf

drinky poo

funnel elf

It puts the lotion in the basket.

rave on.


rock candy

fa la la la roofie

secret love


whippit good

That was bananas! All that over 17 pictures! Pshew.


Um, apparently I have a FB page now.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Hello hello Helloooo


Is anybody out there there there there there?

Friday, August 3, 2012

What's In My Purse. No, Seriously.

I JUST saw this blog, linked from a friend on Facebook. With the beautiful, organized, zen purse. So lovely.  But, y'all, really? Am I the only one who's bag is  a cesspool?

I didn't take the quiz, because I am sure it would say "Seek Help."

However, I dumped my bag.  And I linked up.  I know it is kinda too late, but this just struck me so funny.

Here it is.

My green B. Makowsky leather delight.  Looks cute from the outside, doesn't it?




Stuffed wallet that won't close.
Matchbox cars.
Old prescription paperwork from a month ago.
Two different bags of wipes.  Because, duh.
A wafer thin Weight Watcher bar that got smooshed.
A taco bell sauce packet (holy hell, how has that not splattered?)
Fireman figure.
Hair band.
Random hair pin.
Safety pin.
Crumpled used tissue.
Crumpled receipts.
Cheerios, in a skuzzy bag.
Diapers.  Just, loose.  So my honey can get lint in her vajajay.
Baby toys.
Mascara and lipgloss, because I care how I look (not really)
Pen.  red ink,  annoying.
Grape skeleton.
Weight Watcher booklet.
Mango squeezie.
Coin purse with nothing in it (oops)
Weight Watcher calculator with the back broken off.
not pictured - small pile of lint and crumbs, single raisin (i think it was a raisin, I hope it was a raisin) and because I got embarrassed (I know, NOW?)..crumbling cotton tampon out of its plastic casing.   Niiiiiiiice.

SO there you go.  AND, I stuffed it all back in there (minus the tampon, but including the old tissue.  *shrug*).  Ta da!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrifty 2!

Hey y'all!

Long time no see!

I have another Goodwill trip to share!  You can read about my first one HERE.

So, I had a rare afternoon free yesterday (thank you, dear husband) so when my friend Janis posted on FB that she was heading to the Goodwill OUTLET (woop) I jumped at the chance.  Janis is a hardcore thrifty lady, and I am excited to learn from the Master.  You can read all about her talent on her blog, The Magic That Is...Thrift.

I had no idea until recently that a Goodwill Outlet even existed.  When I heard about it, I admit, I figured it must be very good stuff.  Because when I go to Goodwill, I have to REALLY dig to find treasure - wouldn't the Outlet just be the bottom of the barrel stuff that NO ONE wanted?  Boy was I wrong.

 How do things end up in the Outlet?  I have no clue. My best guess is it goes by date, and things get turned over and rolled out as the constant donations keep flowing in.   It was a goldmine I tell ya.  You had to be prepared to dig, everything is just thrown in bins, but, I like a challenge.

I spent a grand total of $23.06 and walked outta there with THIS:
 Whooooo hoooooooooooooo!

Girl clothes, including Hannah Anderson, Gap, Nicole Miller. (I am quite sure many people don't give a crap about designer labels, but I admit it does give me a little thrill when I find an item in great condition at Goodwill that I know went for a hefty price tag new.)  Not pictured: about 20 child sized plastic hangers.  I can never get enough of those.

Boy clothes:

 Mommy clothes - including some 100% wool sweaters I want to use to experiment with felting, and 2 coats that don't fit, but I loved the fabric of.  The Banana Republic one I will either hack up into a purse, or give to a tiny person (size XS). It is a bit faded, but still adorable. I just couldn't NOT take it.  And the charcoal grey Ralph Lauren sweater in mint condition will be shrunk down in my dryer and hopefully converted into some felted purses. 

 Household stuff!  A bag with wooden purse handles! Fate?  And 2 canvas bins I will use in baby girl's room.  I just liked the glasses, I really didn't need 'em.

Books!  Including 2 other hardcover cookbooks that didn't make it into the picture because I couldn't locate them.  I looked EVERYWHERE, er...almost.  My husband had put them on our cookbook shelf.  Of course, that is not where I looked because that is too obvious *ahem*.  Oh, and a big pack of construction paper.

Toys!  The cookie tin is full of crayons.  The spiderman playing cards are a complete set!  The Spiderman laptop is THE find of the day.  When I fished it out of the bin, I wasn't sure I should take it, cause who knows if it would even work?  It it was a gamble, but it paid.  Fresh batteries and it works like charm and my son ADORES IT. Yes!  That metal plate thing is a gingerbread man press, it should have gone in the household photo.  I just thought it was interesting, I'd like to hang it in my kitchen. Missing from this photo: a wooden Melissa and Doug puzzle in mint condition, and a Scramble Squares puzzle new in it's bag, with tags.  I have NO IDEA where they went, but I am guessing they are in my son's room.  This is the problem with trying to take pictures after the fact, little hands walked off with interesting items.  Oh well.

Quilt! A beautiful faded soft full sized patchwork quilt.  We have several of these, most handed down from family.  I love them, we keep them piled here and there - perfect for guests on chilly nights or for kiddos to curl up in.  I will dry clean it and add it to the collection!

And lastly - for the husband.  ONE SHIRT.  That man is hard to shop for in a regular store, he is a little picky, and wears Tall sizes.  I was excited to find him something at GW, but poor guy...ONE shirt?  HA!

So there you have it.  $23.06 and something for everyone in the family.  I am now ADDICTED to the Goodwill Outlet and can't wait to go back.  It will probably only be a special occasion type of trip, because I was there for THREE HOURS pawing through bins, and it is not often I get 3 hours to myself let's be honest.   But, I WILL go back.  Because, duh.  Awesome.

Friday, April 6, 2012

#$^&%@#* Teeth

Teething Pictures, Images and Photos

Teeth are making our lives a bit miserable for the past few days.  What are your best tips to ease baby's pain during teething?  We are working on bottom incisors, and it's murder.