Friday, August 3, 2012

What's In My Purse. No, Seriously.

I JUST saw this blog, linked from a friend on Facebook. With the beautiful, organized, zen purse. So lovely.  But, y'all, really? Am I the only one who's bag is  a cesspool?

I didn't take the quiz, because I am sure it would say "Seek Help."

However, I dumped my bag.  And I linked up.  I know it is kinda too late, but this just struck me so funny.

Here it is.

My green B. Makowsky leather delight.  Looks cute from the outside, doesn't it?




Stuffed wallet that won't close.
Matchbox cars.
Old prescription paperwork from a month ago.
Two different bags of wipes.  Because, duh.
A wafer thin Weight Watcher bar that got smooshed.
A taco bell sauce packet (holy hell, how has that not splattered?)
Fireman figure.
Hair band.
Random hair pin.
Safety pin.
Crumpled used tissue.
Crumpled receipts.
Cheerios, in a skuzzy bag.
Diapers.  Just, loose.  So my honey can get lint in her vajajay.
Baby toys.
Mascara and lipgloss, because I care how I look (not really)
Pen.  red ink,  annoying.
Grape skeleton.
Weight Watcher booklet.
Mango squeezie.
Coin purse with nothing in it (oops)
Weight Watcher calculator with the back broken off.
not pictured - small pile of lint and crumbs, single raisin (i think it was a raisin, I hope it was a raisin) and because I got embarrassed (I know, NOW?)..crumbling cotton tampon out of its plastic casing.   Niiiiiiiice.

SO there you go.  AND, I stuffed it all back in there (minus the tampon, but including the old tissue.  *shrug*).  Ta da!


Jenni said...

Haha totally funny i just found this blog too and you got to keep what you need in your purse i remember when my purse looked like that.. great to find your blog :D

Kris said...

LOL, I really enjoyed this! After years of going purseless, I bought a purse (a really nice black leather Fossil purse, and a Fossil wallet to match!). I carried it around long enough to fill it with all manner of crap, and then I decided it was too heavy, pulled my driver's license and insurance card out and put them in my husband's wallet, and now I'm back where I was--walking around with no purse, husband carrying my ID.